About YAJU 野獣

We are two brothers who share a passion for sport, exercise and healthy lifestyle and grew up with Japanese anime from the 90's.

The result:YAJU. A place where high quality supplements for a healthy lifestyle and Japanese pop culture meet.

The name YAJU comes from our two initials. The translation of yajū in Japanese include; beast, monster & wild animal.

YAJU represents a healthy lifestyle to get the most out of yourself.

To guarantee you the highest quality products, our ingredients are first tested by an independent 3rd party lab to ensure that only the right and best ingredients are used.

We also try to contribute to the environment and we use vegan HPMC capsules and they are packaged in sustainable glass.

Unleash your Beast with our Tongkat Ali | 5% Eurycomanone , Ecklonia Cava | 50% Polyphenols , Ashwagandha | 5% Withanolides & Beta-Ecdysterone | HPLC Tested